Why a Strategic Partner?

Virtually every practice and surgery center will at some point contemplate entering into a strategic partnership. There are a myriad of reasons to do so, it may be because you need economies of scale that make it increasingly difficult for independent healthcare practices to compete, you may have senior partners who want to transition and realize an equity event, more junior partner may want to have someone help them expand and grow, you may have issues with costs, contracts, staffing and the myriad of other items that are becoming increasing challenging to manage.

Whatever the reason the right strategic partnership can help you address your individual and organizational goals, and Physician Transaction Advisors can help you find that ideal fit.

  • 1
    Improve Your Managed Care Contracts
  • 2
    Recruit New Physicians
  • 3
    Add and Retain Staff
  • 4
    Improve Your Billings & Collections
  • 5
    Reduce Your Supply Costs
  • 6
    Navigate the Increasingly Challenging Regulatory Environment
  • 7
    Capital for Growth and Expansion
  • 8
    Organizational Support – Clinical, Operational and Business
  • 9
    Marketing Your Business
  • 10
    Retain Your Clinical Autonomy

Why Use an Advisor

You have worked extremely hard, established your practice and surgery center, built a great reputation, invested in something you believe in and for many there comes a time when it makes sense to explore the benefits of a strategic partnership to help you realize your goals.

What we hear more often from physicians who have sold their own practices and surgery centers is that they wish they had understood how complex, time consuming and challenging the process would be, even when they knew who they wanted to sell to and partner with, and that they would not have taken this on themselves.

When it comes to selling your medical practice or surgery center, just like selecting a surgeon to perform a complex procedure, you want someone who you feel confident will enable you to realize the best possible outcome. The sale of your practice and surgery center is something you are likely to do only once.

Without the expertise, knowledge and experience that has come from successfully managing hundreds of transactions it is simply not reasonable to expect that you would end up with an optimal outcome when dealing with experienced and savvy buyers.

By clearly understanding your goals and objectives Physician Transaction Advisors implements a proven and customized process that ensures that your financial and non-financial objectives are addressed and that the end result exceeds your expectations.

Our risk-free process enables you to clearly understand and evaluate all of the partnership options available to you without being obligated to move forward unless you find the absolute best partner with the best terms at the best price.

Finding the Right Strategic Partner

Whether the owners of a practice or surgical center already know who they want to partner with or simply want to explore their options, organizations can realize a better outcome when they engage in a competitive process.

PTA’s objective throughout the entire process is to provide our clients with a detailed understanding of the value that each and every prospective partner could bring to their organization and how they could ideally help them realize their goals.

There are really no shortcuts to realizing an exceptional outcome. Evaluating all of your options gives you the opportunity to truly understand what each prospective partner can bring to your organization and helps you determine the attributes you are looking for in an ideal partner.

Who are the potential partners?

Having completed more than 300 transactions over the past twenty years, Physician Transaction Advisors has one of the most extensive buyers databases in the country.  Our experience in working with these companies gives us tremendous credibility with buyers.  There are more buyers today than ever before, healthcare systems and hospitals, practice and ASC consolidators, national organizations, private equity backed platforms and other groups.  PTA works with our clients to put together a list of the most qualified and likely buyers and engages them in a competitive process designed to get our clients the best holistic financial and non-financial results.

Healthcare Systems
Private Equity
National Organizations
Practice Consolidators
ASC Organizations