Our Process

With every client we customize our approach based on their specific goals. What we have learned in successfully managing more than 300 transaction is that by following a highly disciplined process we are best able to ensure our clients realize the objectives through the time consuming and complex process of finding the right strategic partner.


Phase One

Clearly Defined Goals

We strive to clearly understand our clients goals and then structure a process that will enable us to jointly find the ideal partner for your organization.


Phase Two

Develop Appropriate Strategies

Once goals have been defined and there is a clear understanding of the type of partnership that would ideally benefit our client we craft our process around this 


Phase Three

Perform Due Diligence

PTA has an extensive due diligence process that enables us to gather information about your facility, your physicians and staff, your procedures, financials, accounting, licenses and much more.  This is designed to help us prepare for the sales process and to be able to provide prospective buyers with the information they need.


Phase Four

Prepare Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) & Secure Data Room

Once information has been compiled and is clearly understood the PTA Team will use this to develop both a confidential information memorandum (CIM) and data room designed to project your organization in the best possible light and provide prospective buyers with all the information they need to analyze your organization in a professional and detailed manner.   


Phase Five

Market to Qualified & Appropriate Buyers

PTA has one of the most extensive databases of prospective buyers in the industry and we will develop a list of the most qualified and likely prospective partners and confidentially market the opportunity to these contacts.  These groups can include healthcare systems and hospitals, private equity backed platforms, practice and ASC management companies, other groups looking to merge and expand and other potential partners.  


Phase Six

Clearly Defined Process

Once we have engaged with prospective partners and signed NDAs, we then provide them will get a clearly defined process letter that lays out the expectations and timelines for the engagement.  This will include requirements in terms of meetings and proposals, what should be included and the due dates for all activities. 


Phase Seven

Create Competitive Environment

As stated previously, even if a client already knows who they would like to partner with, the only way to truly understand the value of your practice and/or surgery center is to create a competitive environment that will enable the market to determine the true worth of your organization. 


Phase Eight

Coordinate Meetings

After prospective partners have had an opportunity to review the data provided and follow-up questions are answered we then begin the process of coordinating remote and on-site meetings with these groups.  This gives all parties the ability to better understand one another and the potential value a partnership would bring to each organization.


Phase Nine

Manage Competitive Bids

As bids become due, our clients will receive anywhere from a few to a dozen offers from prospective buyers, either in the form of an IOI (Indication of Interest) or a more formal LOI (Letter of Intent).  At this point we review the offers from a financial and non-financial perspective and work with our clients to determine who would make the best partner.


Phase Ten

Review & Advise Offers

The PTA team will then work with our client to negotiate the absolute best pricing and terms from the prospective buyer(s) and ideally sign the letter of intent.


Final Phase

Assist Through Due Diligence & Closing

Once an agreement has been signed our client goes into a period of exclusivity in which the buyer has a set period of time, typically 90 days, to manage the closing process.  During this period you will want to have experience legal council engaged, your accountants and advisors will be involved and leadership and staff at your organization will need to provide detailed information

During this time the buyer will do a QofE (qualify of earning analysis) to validate financial assumptions as well as an extensive legal and regulatory review, coding and chart reviews, Insurance, HR and benefit review, staff and physician reviews, negotiate transaction, employment, operating, subscription and equity agreements and more.  

This is a complex and time consuming process and requires a lot of expertise to ensure you end up with the absolute best result. 

Engage with Physician Transaction Advisors in Confidence

PTA makes the process simple from the start. We provide our clients with a full scope of our services which includes the timing and process steps that we expect to undertake.  We then sign a contract and confidentiality agreement are designed to set forth an open working relationship, while protecting all parties. We keep all your information safe and secure.  

No Obligation

If for any reason during this process you don’t feel the partner you have been working with will enable you to realize your goals, you are under no obligation to consummate a transaction.


If you have found the absolute best partner and are confident that they are going to enable you to realize your goals then now is the time to sign agreements, the funding and move forward with the close.