ASCs Inc. changes its name to Physician Transaction Advisors

ASCs Inc. changes its name to Physician Transaction Advisors

August 1, 2023

ASCs Inc., one of the nation’s leading healthcare advisory firms, announced today that it has changed its name to Physician Transaction Advisors (PTA).  

“The rebranding reflects how the company has evolved over the past several years, expanding well beyond the surgery center market,” said PTA Managing Partner, Jim Freund.  “The new Physician Transaction Advisors name better represents our capabilities and the work we are doing with group practices, both large and small.”

Physician Transaction Advisors is comprised of a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that have dedicated their careers to helping physician owners of practices and surgical facilities realize the absolute best outcome when considering a strategic partnership, or real estate transaction.  “In every engagement, we hear from our clients that we got them a far better outcome than they ever could have themselves, which is why we do this,” explains Mr. Freund.

The industry leading team at PTA leverages the knowledge and experience gained as CEOs and leaders of group practices, surgery center management companies, hospitals and other healthcare focused firms combined with the deep transactional expertise that has come from successfully managing over 300 transactions during the past twenty years.  

“We understand that selling a practice, surgical facility or real estate is likely a once in a lifetime event for most physicians, which puts the physician at a significant disadvantage compared to experienced institutional or private equity buyers,” adds Mr. Freund. “By clearly understanding our client’s goals, running a highly structured and disciplined process, engaging with the most likely and qualified buyers, providing physicians with the ability to evaluate all their options, and then negotiating the absolute best holistic financial and non-financial terms on their behalf, we are able to provide physicians with everything they need to make an informed decision.” 

Physician Transaction Advisors runs a risk-free process, meaning there is no cost or obligation to consummate a transaction unless clients (physician owners) get the results that they want.  PTA is not an investment banker or a broker, they are physician advocates and advisors, working in a transparent manner to ensure the goals and objectives of clients come first and are met through a successful transaction process.   

About Physician Transaction Advisors

For over 20 years the industry leading team at Physician Transaction Advisors (formerly ASCs Inc.) has represented the best interests of physician-owners of more than 300 group practices, surgery centers, surgical hospitals and specialty facilities that have explored strategic partnership opportunities or sold their real estate.  By leveraging the experience, knowledge and expertise gained over the years PTA is able to return their fee many times over by managing the complex and time-consuming sales process using their risk-free approach, ensuring physician owners that unless they get the results they want there is no obligation to move forward with a transaction.  

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